End of The School Year

We have exactly 3.5 more days of school left and I am having all kinds of mixed emotions about it. First of all, HOW did that even happen? I have been avoiding the reality that this baby is due shortly after school gets out. I am a VERY impatient person so I just couldn’t even let me mind go there with this pregnancy. Winter was long (it even snowed today: May 18th) and so if I was counting down the days to my due date I would have been so discontent. So all that to say that the reality of my girls being home all day everyday and the baby coming in 3 short weeks is really setting in. I’m so excited for the newborn stage and the magic that it brings into the home. I know he will be amazing for us all. I also know that babies are hard and I have a 2 year old. But I’m going to go with the flow, and hope for the best everyday. Thankfully every day is a new day. Sleepless nights are not my best friend and I can get very irritated very quickly. But I feel like the 4th time around should be a little less of a surprise at least.

Before the school year ends we have a field trip to the Bismarck Zoo, need to get teacher gifts, gymnastics awards night and a couple other things to do. It’s going to be a fun week ahead of us. And then baseball starts! I also decided to put both my girls in summer school because here in Killdeer they make it super fun for the kids and it’s only a couple weeks for a few hours a day. That should help me transition to having them home all day for the next couple of months.

Do your kids love being home? I have one who gets bored soooo easily and won’t stop begging for a playdate or something exciting to do. The other is really good at finding something she likes to play with and keeping herself entertained. Good luck to all the moms out there! We can do this! Now let’s just hope it doesn’t snow anymore so we can go to the park every damn day!


Baby #4: Pregnancy Update!

Today Spencer and I went to the doctor to hear the heartbeat of our 4th baby! It feels like the perfect time to start my blogging back up. When I had Gretta I documented everything and I absolutely love looking back at all of it. So I’m going to try to do that again! I’m 17 weeks right now and that means I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy already. I am tearing up writing that because I know this is probably my last pregnancy and it is sort of bittersweet. I am actually one of those people who don’t necessarily love being pregnant. I’m a lot more cranky and less patient with my kids when I’m pregnant. And I’m a LOT more tired. This time around I haven’t thrown up at all but for the first trimester I was always a little nauseous. Now that I’m in my 2nd trimester I’m feeling better with energy levels and not nauseous but my digestion is always messed up. I know my tummy isn’t digesting my food fast at all. But it’s really not anything to complain about.

For real, as I sat in the doctor office today I realized how blessed I am for the perfect health of all of my pregnancies and all of my children so far. It’s actually unreal how good God has been to my family. I don’t know how to express how thankful I am for the chance to carry and deliver perfectly healthy babies. And how they’ve grown up to be strong little kids ready to take on this world. 

I’m super excited for this new year. 2019 is going to be real good! Hoping to share more in this space and bring some exciting things to life that have to do with my love of photography. Being able to have a creative space to share and put things out there because it brings me joy! Here we go! 

Waiting to meet the doctor. It was a 2.5 hour appointment :/

Waiting to meet the doctor. It was a 2.5 hour appointment :/

Three Little Girls // Fairies // Children Photography // Arizona Photography

Last week we had the best time shooting these three beauties. My mother's smallest granddaughters. She styled and imagined the entire thing. My mom is quite the lady. It was pretty much everything I could ever want in a shoot. Perfect light, flowing dresses, flower crowns, glitter, balloons and fun. Gretta, Annabelle and London thought they were fairies and I just love how everything turned out on camera. Sorry for all the scrolling but these little girls were too much. I couldn't narrow it down any more than this. Hope you enjoy. 

Sara and Thomas Bridals // Gilbert, AZ LDS Temple

Sara and Thomas got married on a cold day in December at the Gilbert Arizona LDS Temple. We met early to take the "First Look" photos and some bridals before the ceremony. It was overcast and chilly but the warmth between them radiated everywhere. They adore each other and I felt it such a pleasure to photograph the beginning of what is sure to be a beautiful life together. 

Joseph and Laura Crockett // Family Photos // Prescott, AZ

Here we are again at the end of the year and all of my favorite families are getting geared up for Christmas! We need Christmas cards and new portraits because these kids are too cute to not document each and every stage. This shoot was perfect. I don't just say that though. Laura and I discussed their outfits beforehand and she won me over the moment she said "Shabby Apple Pink TuTu skirt"! It turned out even prettier than I thought. And the light, well it was like Photographer heaven. So enjoy some of my favorites below! It's worth all the scrolling I promise!!!!