Thank You

Well time is going by way faster than I could have imagined. I don't know if spencer would agree with me on this one though. Spencer's sister Ashley came home from her mission last week. We went to Utah and the Costley Women gave me a holiday shower. Everyone had a different holiday and now I have an overabundance of the cutest holiday decorations EVER. It was so fun, THANK YOU EVERYONE! The Costley Family is HUGE and so energetic. I am so excited to see everyone in April at the Wedding.

Ashley is the one in the middle with the name-tag. She is awesome.
Oh, these are the shoes I wanted for my wedding, but they are $285. HAHHAAAAAA
The shower was in a stake center right after Ashley gave a homecoming talk for Family Home Evening to the whole family. (hence the chalkboard with Jesus writing on it:) The boys had to stay in the cultural hall while all the women formed a half circle around me in a smaller room. P.S. this caused much anxiety... being stared at by my future family while I open presents they were so proud to give me.