i'm very embarrassed of my monday post. so i'm hurrying up and posting a nuther one. to make myself feel less stupid.

i really like goats. and i really like goat cheese. i bought a farming magazine a couple months ago and read all about people who have like 1 or 2 goats, and they raise them in the city (not that that matters since we will be living on a ranch in the country). i learned everything they need and all the benefits of goats. they don't need that much but they smell if you don't clean their pen often. now everytime spency and i pass by 51st and greenway he points at the little dwarf goats for sale and says, "there are yer goats". i just know that someday he will show up with my two little dwarfs under his arms.

p.s. my mom emailed me today and said that she thinks its about time that spencer posts a post on this blog. so stay tuned for something "totally sweet" (haha, that is what my mom wants from spence, and most definitely will not get) from little spency spence.