One Time...

we got married.

and every-time I think about it I start to cry.
because it was so special.
i'm sad the wedding is over.
but being Spencer's wifey is better than all that.
it's da Bessssssssss.

and sometime in the future i will put pictures up.
and they will knock socks off.

but here is a picture to hold you over until then.
or not.

it's the view out our back porch. hahaha
~on a side note: my mom just called and i told her spency went to school so i'm all alone and it kinda sucks. she said "that's what life is all about". I think she forgot that it isn't really what her life is all about, she had 6 annoying kids living with her most her life. i will just leave it at that. no need to further analyze these thoughts of mine :)