Mother's Day was yesterday


I have a Mother. Her name is Shelley Elise Mckown.
I don't know why God made me such a lucky woman to have her in my life.
I don't know why? I don't deserve her.
I AM glad though. Because she has taught me a heck of a lot.
And I needed to be taught.
I wasn't smart enough to learn it on my own.
Not that I'm a professional in any sense of the word.
But she HAS taught me

My Mother has taught me how to be patient, how to be creative, how to cook, how to stand up for what you believe in, how to get over things and don't dwell on the dumb/annoying/sad things of life, how to give, how to pray, how to love the Lord, how to clean, how to decorate, how to laugh, and how to pick.

SO many more things that my mom never even knew that she was teaching us kids.