Student Teaching and an overabundance of Human Hormones

This week I started school. WELL... actually it's my last week of school. And my FIRST week of Student Teaching! I am at a Junior High with an awesome Art teacher named Jessica Carroll. I like her a LOT, we are going to have one heck of a semester.
It feels super good to be finishing up my second degree. Come December I will have so many options.

But in reality, my one and only viable and sure option will be to figure out how to push a baby out of me.

An overabundance of Human Hormones:
I hate the internet. It allows me TOO much information. The internet has made me aware that I have a huge-normous amount of Human Hormones (baby making hormones) surging through my body right now. This is why I wake up and want to throw up.

I guess i should feel lucky because I've only actually thrown up once (yesterday). But sometimes I wish could just barf it all out and be done with the nausea for the day. INSTEAD I slowly have to nurse my tummy back to normal with diet sierra mist and saltines. Below is a picture from the oh-so-informative internet (6 weeks along-ish?). Its kinda gross, sorry.

this is fun!

But oh my heck, don't let me fool you. I am so completely overflowing with happiness that I'm having a baby. Spencer is too. Today he kissed my belly and said I love you to our little one as he left for work. I love him.