Tomorrow is my brother Justin's birthday. I wanted to write a post because he deserves it.

Here are some things that I think of when I think of Justin... Some of you might remember...

His amazing SMILE (which he showed off almost constantly)

His amazing LAUGH (also a frequent occurrence)

His hairy arms and legs :)

His ability to play sports... really well

How he never argued

His love of our Heavenly Father

His ability to eat more than EVERYONE

How UN-picky he was (clothing, food, etc)

How he always wanted to tickle me and Hayley
(we would get so mad at him and he would just laugh)

When I would be driving down the road with him and see someone close to my age, he would almost always say "There's your best friend!"

How he scratched his belly up and down after he ate

How he loved his family (and people in general) and would do anything for them.

I miss my brother so much. He is a shining example of what I want to be like in my life. If I could be as positive and happy as he always was, life would be a wonderful place. He gave our family something that I can't explain. When he left this world he also left an overwhelming sense of his love. I can't wait to see him again someday.

Love ya Justy!