Once a Week, for 40 weeks.

Spencer and I have been so busy that we don't have time to be excited for our baby on the way. This makes me sad and I decided we need to share in some baby joy every now and then. Starting this week (week 16) will be our new blog/story about our 40-week journey of pregnancy. The title is yet to be known, but I will write it on the first of the posts. I saw this type of thing done in a couple other spots and I might be copying them but I'll add my own spin to it.

Every week we will take a new belly picture. Along with this picture will be a small note to the baby. It will be so fun to see the growth me and baby make. Someday our young'en will want to know his/her story of coming into the world. And we will have it ready for him. Or her.

Get ready. It's gonna be fun.
Now I need to go teach Spence how to use my camera. See you soon.