food and interviews and more food

This morning I had an interview for a job. I'm thinking I might become a REAL LIFE ART TEACHER here in the next two weeks. It's not for sure yet, but I passed my screening interview with the Peoria Unified School District with flying colors. (Plus they really really need someone... and FAST).

I was so elated about this somewhat easy, breezy interview that I came home and made Ham Fried Rice. And I didn't take any pictures because I'm too busy eating it. Here is the recipe...

2 cups white rice (cooked)
3 green onions chopped
1/2 cup peas (which I did not use)
1-2 eggs
package cubed ham
water chestnuts if desired
a lil bit of soy sauce

Cook the rice as directed and allow to cool. Combine the ham, water chestnuts, and onion and add them to the cooled rice in a big frying pan. Beat the egg/s and add to the rice, stirring well. Top with some soy sauce and stir until slightly brown.

make this for your honey. just do it.

Not only this but last night before Spence and I went to Tithing Settlement I made Mulligatawny. WHAT IS THAT? You might ask?

THIS is Mulligatawny. It is chicken curry. My house still smells like an Indian Food Restaurant. But it was so worth it.

HERE is the recipe.