i must be really bored. 2 posts in one day.

these are the baby's colors for her bedding and such. i loveeeee them.

i want to get this for her instead of a bassinet. its called a hushamok.

almost 32 weeks and feeling great! this week i had some bad pain in my tummy area and i couldn't figure out what it was. it's gone now and i'm thinking i was sore plus stressed. i went to water aerobics a couple times this week and they worked my abdomen which i haven't done too much of lately. I love being in the water and letting it take some of the pressure off. not to mention all the adorable old ladies who have already taken me under their wings and love to give me advice about the baby... like:

eat lots of bananas!
after this, go home and drink some warm tea with honey and RELAX.
don't forget to do your kegels, you will be glad you did.

they even tell me that i won't need drugs or stitches during labor if i keep doing water aerobics the whole pregnancy. i wish!