lots of december (and a tiny bit of november)

first off... I finished student teaching and got some balloons :) so fun!
most importantly! my sister-in-law/cousin rachel had her twins
Big sister Breilyn holding Chloe and Cruz. So Small!
the weather has been beautiful so we can hike

i graduated with my master's degree... WOO HOO!!!

we went to tucson with the costley's. fun little trip.

my mom gave me this for graduation! i'm so excited to start using it.
and here is new year's eve... doing what we do best.
little chloe wrapped in taylor.
rachel loves fireworks!
spence and me got to watch max at our apartment the other day...

just a little practice run before SHE comes!
and last but not least... spencer in my dad's camo bib.
sledding with the kids

happy 2011~