castor oil is disgusting

but i took it last night. i really was decided against it, but the waiting was killing me.

that's what i get for thinking i can control something as important and natural as when my baby will be born.

i will probably have to wait two weeks after my due date now, as a punishment.

if you have never taken castor oil before, here is how it went...

we got all excited and went to walmart to pick up the poison. at home i blended (in a blender) o.j. cinnamon and castor oil together. this was the perfect way to drink it so i heard.

i chugged the whole glass and waited. i did NOT have to wait long for my bowels to start a workin'. it was a busy night needless to say.

i had A LOT of contractions and they were much more intense than any of my braxton hicks up to this point. its a funny feeling when you get happier the more pain you feel.

i fell asleep and woke up every 30 minutes to run to the bathroom and the whole night my uterus was definitely workin hard.

then i woke up this morning and i was back to normal. LAME.

oh well, she will come when she is ready and that is exactly what i want her to do anyways :)