art teacher here

Well, the time has come. I've got to get down to business this week and next because come August 1st, I start my first teaching job. I will be the Art Teacher (part-time) for Rancho Solano Private School (pictured above). The students will be age 2 all the way to 8th grade. 30 minute classes = Pure craziness.

Some days I am so pumped to start this job. I know I will love teaching and making fun projects with the kiddos! Then there are some days (like yesterday) when all I want to do is cry that I actually took a job which will be taking me away from my own kiddo. How in the world will I still be a good mom if I'm not there for her 24/7?

It's a little unsettling but today I feel really excited about it. And hopefully once I get the hang of it, Gretta and I will cherish our time together even more.

I'm sure I will be posting some of the fun things we come up with on the bloggy blog here. It should be a fun adventure. Good thing Gretta's Daddy and Grammy's are going to be watching her. Not some strange adult that makes her watch tv all day long. That makes it a little easier.