better post this

before october is OVER! gosh, where does the time go!? i just now had a 6 month old. nope, not anymore. tomorrow she will be 7. i just now had 5 months to train for my half marathon. nope, now i have 3. i just now got married. nope, tomorrow it will be a year and a half that i married spencie poo. its all fast. but its all really cool too.

we went to the pumpkin patch. gretta fell asleep there for most of the time, but we did get a couple pix. she won't sleep at night but she will sleep at the fun filled pumpkin patch. she has a mind of her own. there are other pictures of spencer and i in the corn maze and playing with llamas but i'll save them. i'm SO excited for HALLOWEEN!!!!!! I wanted gretta to be a lion, but i couldn't find the perfect suit. she's gonna be something else tho..... and it involves striped tights so whatever.