we brush our teeth and wash our hair

today i woke up to some "wahhhh wahhhhh"-ing from the closet. not unlike any other day. so i went in the closet and picked up my pee-drenched precious baby from her beautiful crib that no one ever sees. after cleaning and changing, we rocked and fed in the dark. her big eyes staring up at me, i could tell she was up for the day. no sleeping-in this saturday i tell myself. 
this saturday feels different because i can tell that it really is beginning to be fall. the window in the kitchen has been open all night and the draft is chilly. i relish in it. i dream of going running in it right then. i plan a picnic at the park for later. 
this fall saturday i want to be grateful. how many blessings can one person hold? even right now as i type and look around at my tiny little home, i can name hundreds of things i'm so glad i don't have to live without. 
i'm as happy as i've ever been and i'm going to have a picnic in the park with spencer and gretta.

this dress is handmade by Grandma McKown herself. vintage crocheted doily on the bottom and i'm in love.