handmade life. and store-bought as well.

oh hello again! nevermind me and my failed attempts at blogging and being grateful. just moving right along! 
this is hanging above my rocking chair in our room. my mother made it (surprise, surprise, my mother makes everything that i love and want in my house... the wreath she just made me deserves a post of its own!) when she was pregnant with one of her 6 children. what a special thing to have made while pregnant. the only thing i made was... trips to the bathroom and the junk food store. sad. i actually bought lots of fabric to make blankets and crib skirts but my mom just went ahead and took that fabric and made those items way better than i ever could. thanks mom.

the quote reminds me how amazing it is to be a mom. and who cares if my room isn't picked up at the moment. or my dishes are overflowing. when gretta needs to be rocked that is the best thing i could ever be doing at any moment. 

i'm doing a special little experiement today with my baby girl. i hope it works out the way i want it to. its real technologically advanced and has some harry potter magical elements involved. there's that to keep you on your toes! 

i love life.