so this is christmas/9 months old yesterday

hope you have a very merry christmas!
love... the 3 of us :)
(this is my first harry potter magical photo, pretty cool, eh'?!)

So This Is Christmas by Melissa Etheridge on Grooveshark

gretta is 9 months old:
1) she sleeps all night and it is heavenly.
2) she eats any and everything (except meat and spicy stuff of course)
3) she tries to stand on her own
4) she loves music and dances whenever she hears it
5) she has funny hair and her mom has no idea how to make it look... not funny. oh well :)
6) she loves snuggling
7) she loves her bubby
8) she has two bottom teeth (has had for a while) and she is almost breaking the two top ones.
9) she makes our world so much fun!