things that go on

gretta is so pretty in the morning. she crawls to the bathtub, pulls herself up on the side and yells at me until i come and give her a wash. it is so funny. she is definitely a little character now-a-days. 
here is us beside our christmas tree. it doesn't have any lights because i keep thinking i'm going to find them somewhere in a box where they SHOULD be. it hasn't happened yet. and i don't feel like buying any. so it is a sad tree. but at least we went out and got one, right!? 
what you can't see is that it is a sort-of-mini tree sitting atop our coffee table so that gretta doesn't touch it. you also cannot see my half-done tree skirt that i was making from a pinterest idea. ruffles of muslin GALORE! but i have not finished it. it looks ridic. 
but i love it anyways.