staying home all day long.

tonight gretta had a runny nose so i laid her on our bed to fall asleep. she was able to breath much easier with the fan and not being stuffed up in her little closet. not the best pix but i had to show some representation of what she looked like. i went to check on her and she was sprawled out like this. she usually sleeps on her tummy so i thought it was funny. what else was funny was i leaned on the bed to be close to her and listen to her breath and she tooted right in my face. sometimes i just love her so much it hurts.

below are some snaps i got of her doing her favorite thing. taking every single item out of every single basket in her changing table. then i put them all back and she does it again. its like a game for her and she is very Obsessive Compulsive about it.

 (don't mind the silkies)