well the world didn't end at midnight. so i guess i'm going to write down some intentions for the year to come. the year that was was full of both advancements and reversals but overall now that it is 2012 i feel pretty good about how i conducted myself and where we are as a family right now (thank heavens for forgiveness and forgetting). for this year of all years i have three intentions:

1. Slow down the pace.

i'm done with over scheduling myself and rushing through the good times. i'm all about slowing down those good times and making them last as long as humanly possible. eg: charge more for photos so i can do less but still make some good mulah. don't be a teacher this year, it's not the right time for me or gretta OR spencer. let gretta sit in the bath as long as she wants. wear my sweat pants more often. stuff like that. 

2. Hone. (Defintion: Sharpen with a whetstone.)

i'm done with being a half-ass person. i want to be really good at the few things that i find passion in. eg: photography, cooking, learning and serving. (not kinda good at a lot of things).

3. Become more spiritual. 

i'm done with not reading my scriptures. life is a heck of a lot more smooth flowing when i give sufficient time to my spiritual hunger.

how exciting is this list??!!!!!!  now let me go start the year off right by making us a lovely frittata and then going back to bed. see ya!

p.s. here are our christmas cards that i should have posted earlier :)