phil mickelson

sometimes when you sit around after your baby goes to sleep and your house is already clean, and your husband is studying his butt off and won't even look at you... you think that means its time to blog something. so i'm blogging.
the something i'm blogging about right now is kinda important to me. and i really wanted to put it out there on the web-er-net all special and cool like and maybe even include some exciting photos. but i'm just gonna write it. and then i'll write some more nonsense. 
holy smokes that felt weird to write. we only told our families starting this week. i've been holding it in for a month or so and if you know me, that is a huge deal. i'm 10 weeks along. gretta is gonna be a big sister. and it is going to be amazing. crazy, busy, hectic, amazing. 
i can't wait to hold this baby. i get to have another baby?!? how am i allowed to do this? i feel way too lucky and way too... trusted?? wow. wow wow wow. but anyways. since this blog is definitely the journal of our lives, i'm gonna make some comments on how this pregnancy has been different from the other. 
-i haven't thrown up. (only felt like it)
-i know what i'm getting into (i think)
-i have a baby to chase after, so i think about being pregnant hardly ever. 
-i don't want to take any belly pictures. not even one thank you. (and funnily enough, i don't think this baby will care if i do or do not in the long run. haha)
-i have no ideas of what to name him/her.
-i'm visiting a midwife. she has made me feel like the most capable woman alive. 
-i have no idea where i will be delivering this baby. maybe az, maybe tx, maybe korea? (haha jk mom)
-i really want a boy. and by writing that i better not have jinxed it. 
i get to have another one of these!