valentines preamble

today is the day of love. i'm not going to pretend that i think valentines day is lame. because i don't. i love it. but i've always been that way even when there was no valentine to love me in sight. now i have a valentine every day of the year. he might pretend that he thinks this holiday is lame. but i know he really wants to show me some love and celebrate our great life together. .... that's what i have to keep telling myself anyway.

well last year we had a fun-filled valentines. or should i say FOOD-filled. i made lots of food. and even more dessert. and i have a picture of us chowing down. i will not ever show this picture to anyone because we are both hugely, grossly, pregnantly(about 8.5 months pregnant), overweight. hhaaaa, it makes me laugh inside. and then want to go work out for awhile.

well, i'm excited to say that we aren't AS overweight as last year. and i decided not to make any of those chocolate lava cakes, chocolate strawberries, chocolate anything i could think of, this year. we will hopefully do something a little more respectable. no matter what it is i'm just super excited to go hang out with my hunk of burnin' love. he has this cool way of making my heart go pitter patter :)

(and get excited because i'm bringin the big camera on our date this time (which i never do because its too big and obnoxious and i'm lazy). so there will be some photo taking shenanigans going ons.)

here is me and gret gret's valentines afternoon in black and white. well it's just gretta you see, because she can't hold the big camera yet. but soon, SOON you will see a pic or two of me. (a.k.a. i'm sorry for the over-abundance of gretta pictures lately.)