a birthday party for gretta

well, this birthday party was pretty exciting for our little family. gretta turned one! we planned for weeks and i even started to have dreams about this little party. i think it was a hit for all who joined us. we played badmitten, had bbq and the best cupcakes ever (key lime with white chocolate frosting. Amazing). gretta loved having all her friends and cousins there. she was squealing all day long(very loudly i might add) it was like she just knew. thanks to both grandmas for being such troopers helping out so much.

 do you believe this tree. it exploded with yellow blossoms the week of the party! (reminds me of the yellow wildflowers that were there just for the month of our wedding!)

happy birthday little g. we love you so, so much. it has been awesome to watch you grow this year. your little personality keeps on entertaining us and we can't wait to see what you do next. now just slow it down a bit would ya'!!!