"where daddy go?"

the last two weeks i've been a single mother. 
spencer has been in north dakota workin' on finding us a home and starting a new job. 
housing up there is ridiculous. 
we can't wait until the day when something 
becomes available for our little family to live in. 
in the same place. 
never to be parted again. 

spencer this post is for you. 
from the moment gretta was born you really had this father thing down. 
you were a natural and still are. 
i love to see you two together. 
it's like you are best friends. 
i have a feeling that relationship is only going to grow
 as she grows up and becomes a woman(don't grow up gretta pllleeeeassee!!!)

thanks for working so hard for us. 
i sure do appreciate it. 
sorry for calling you a billion times a day 
and sorry for spending our money on things like pack and plays 
because i forgot it on the trip. 
and sorry for forgetting pretty much everything all the time. 
i know you love me anyway though:) 
you're my best friend. 

here she is... on the beach (p.s. we had fun in san diego)... being sassy

love the cankles. SO much. 
they are good to munch on.

and a couple at the condo...
these first two were pretty much straight out of the camera, no editing needed. pretty light :)

come home dad. we miss you. 
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY tomorrow!!!