i might talk about jogging

the other day i stepped outside and started running. i ran farther than i have in many months. i have never thought of myself as a runner even though i would love to call myself one. i don't know what you have to do though, to be called a runner. probably be skinnier than me and run more than me for two things. 
anyways. i ran and i didn't stop. 
and boy did i feel good. the route i took started off downhill so that helped. but that meant when i turned at the halfway point, the rest of the way home was uphill. but i didn't stop running. i think about this a lot and how running requires nothing more than being in the right mindset. when i think too much about it, i can't do it. 

when i don't think about it at all and just go.. i can really go. for miles. 

last year when i was trying to loose the weight that being pregnant so graciously allowed me to put on... i signed up for a half marathon. what a failure that was. and not because i was too fat and out of shape to run a half marathon (which was definitely the case) but it failed because 
my mind apparently does NOT work like that. 
the minute i put a label and a restriction on the whole thing, the minute my mind started to rebel. 
but this time is going to be different. if i don't try to get too fancy and too uptight about all the details, i know i will be a runner. if i feel like i gotta wear lululemon and run X amount of miles everyday... i will most likely screw my 'wanting-to-be-a-runner" self right over. 
here we go kids.