when i was 9 years old my mom and her seeester packed my cousin heidi and i up and we went to north dakota. 
what i remember about that trip is that i had to bundle up in 19 layers to go anywhere (even the living room), 
my 2nd cousin carmen got married, we laughed non-stop, and we got some delicious treats at this magical candy store that felt like the one in willy wonka. (or was that a dream?)

those are my memories of north dakota. not too shabby, eh?

well now that 16 years have passed by and north dakota has not entered into my brain other than a few select times (like: 2) my husband has decided to relocate us to none other than that exact state. of all the totally rad states out there... we are moving to north dakota. ha!
haha. hahahaha. ha. ha. 
i can't do much other than laugh. and be grateful spencer has found a job. a good one too! 
but i expect that once i get there i'm going to have lots of things to say about the northern most part of the country.
and so i introduce..... uff-tah
my new blog series that will highlight "All Things North Dakota"
because i know everyone will be so incredibly curious about it ;) 
my mother has always said "uff-tah" because, you see, her parents are from north dakota, and their parents were from norway and that's why she has always said "uff-tah"!! isn't that a good enough reason for all of this? i think so. 

i just can't even WAIT! (or can i?)