2 years and 4 months/happy birthday spencer

i had to come back to az because north dakota sucks and has no place for me to lay my head. we are waiting to see what happens with that... so while we wait... and while i stay up way too late with my eyes burning from staring at pinterest for hours on end, i decide to blog.

about my honey bunch.

back in april we had a 2 year anniversary. i didn't even blog about it. i hate me.

2 years is pretty much amazing to me. and now that gretta is such an independent little buggaboo i feel like we are getting to be newlyweds all over again. (when we are together that is :((( )

i got pregnant SO FAST after we got married. and although i would NEVER change that, it does seem like we hardly got to enjoy each other's (normal) selves as a married couple. that sounds sad and it really wasn't bad these first two years. they were so incredible and we definitely have learned a lot about each other. but oh to enjoy being just the two of us is, dare i say, just now happening.

apart from the last 2 months of north dakota crapiness, i feel like i get to fall in love with spencer again, and even better this time. i'm excited to "start" a life together (with the coolest little girl around) once we find a place to settle ourselves in.

he has been working so hard for our little familly and i am so grateful for him. by the way...

HAPPY 30th Birthday you stud muffin you!
Love you so much!

these were our engagement pictures in 2010. i don't think i've ever put them on our blog. so why not now? (thanks selena)