travel/nd/i'm 26

first my honey arrived at my doorstep. that was they best.
we left az. as a family. finally. 
it was the best road trip of our married life. 
we drove straight to colorado to a little town called dolores. 
this is where my family used to spend lots of time when my grandparents had a home here.
the coolest little town ever. so green, right on the river. beautiful.
we stayed in a sleeper cabin with the rushing water lulling us to sleep. 
the squeaky bed kept us awake, but we didn't mind. 
the next day was the longest in the car, but the landscape was amazing. 
up through the rocky mountains all the way to wyoming. 
casper was our stop, but not before we saw martin's cove.
pretty cool stuff. deer everywhere. don't forget the buffalo.
sunday was the last day of driving... we were off to north dakota. 
ready to be out of the car. little g was a dream though. 
then we saw the sunflower fields which had blossomed while spencer was home.
they were insane. 

and yesterday i turned 26. still feel like i'm 13. 
we stayed the night in bismark at the marriott (our fave)
had some weird luck at the movie theater and mall. 
north dakota likes to live by their own rules. 
(like not letting you bring your baby to the movie )
 but texas roadhouse and the riverwalk was fun. 

 ...all because of a stinkin oil boom.