the nd experience is still in full swing. its feeling a little bit more permanent. a little bit more normal. we moved into a real house. with windows and a living room and a big kitchen/dining area. already had a birthday party in it with a towering ice cream cake and that always helps the spirits :)

i don't feel absolutely certain that this is where we are supposed to be, or where we will stay... but its not bad for this moment right now. i hate to admit it but i am having fun. mostly thanks to ashley, my sister in law who i live with. if she weren't here, i might be seriously going crazy.

gretta has a way of making me feel like everything is going to be okay as well. she is hilarious at times and not a princess at all. i try to imagine her when she is a teenager... and i think her and i are going to get along just great. as long as she keeps her sense of humor, and i don't loose mine!

spencer is always working. his schedule pretty much stinks up the house. he has 10 days of day shifts, 10 days of night shifts and 10 days off (that part doesn't stink). his shifts are 12 hours so we have limited time to do all the incredibly fun things there are to do here in killdeer.... like..... ummm..... go to the gas station which is covered in mud and filled with muddy men who stare at anything female.

tonight is spence's last night shift and then we get our 10 days. just in the nick of time for halloween. YES! maybe we will drive to canada!

(pictures taken a month ago. in really happy weather.)