Yellow Belly

Well that last post was a bit emotional. And this one will be no different. That's what you get from a "already-super-sensitive-pregnant-hormonal-mess-of-a-woman". I'm working on this part of me. But it is a hard fire to put out. Those hormones.

Yesterday Spencer, Gretta, Baby Bump and I drove up to Prescott. At a place called Sunset Point exactly 3 years ago this month, there were wildflowers GONE wild! Yellow heavenly plateau of blossoms. Just in time for us to get some wedding pictures there.

Now, 3 years later they are there again. Not exactly AS bright and full, but they are there and we love them. So we stopped and got a belly picture. I was wearing the worst outfit possible and Spencer does not know how to use my camera, but he did get this gem. And I'm glad little sister will feel a little special that we wanted to document her time in my belly. Thanks spencer. I love you.

Speaking of Spencer. He just left 18 minutes ago. He left for North Dakota. Again. It's a long story, but basically the job hunt was not good down in Arizona, and the company he worked for in North Dakota called him a few times to see if he wanted to come back. We've come to realize, an income and a job is very important for a man to be able to provide and work at. Without it, he feels pretty worthless. So let's not feel that way anymore shall we!?!

I'm doing my best to hold in all the tears because I absolutely hate being without him. And i hate even more not knowing when I'm going to see him next. P.S. Today the ENTIRE state of North Dakota's highways are shut down due to blizzarding conditions. Heaven help my husband. Bless his heart.