Joseph and Laura Crockett // Family Photos // Prescott, AZ

Here we are again at the end of the year and all of my favorite families are getting geared up for Christmas! We need Christmas cards and new portraits because these kids are too cute to not document each and every stage. This shoot was perfect. I don't just say that though. Laura and I discussed their outfits beforehand and she won me over the moment she said "Shabby Apple Pink TuTu skirt"! It turned out even prettier than I thought. And the light, well it was like Photographer heaven. So enjoy some of my favorites below! It's worth all the scrolling I promise!!!!

Yetter Family // Mission Viejo, CA

While I was in LA I got to do another family! The Yetters here are pretty dang cute. I loved the location we were at. The Thomas Riley Nature Preserve in Mission Viejo. SO gorgeous. And I didn't care that there were a lot of other photographers there thinking the same thing. Cuz I'm from Arizona and this place was amazing. Jaime is also the creator of Covered Goods nursing covers and if you are a nursing mom or need to give a new mom a gift, these are the perfect solution. Check them out!