Halloween Mini Sessions! Mollie Costley Photography + Sorensen Studios

Hey friends!! So I'm super happy to announce that my favorite girl, Selena and I are doing Halloween Mini Sessions this month! Here are some details about how it's all going down;) Email Sorensenstudios@gmail.com to book it up!


It’s a 10-minute session priced at $40 for 3 people. If you have more than 3 people then it will cost an extra $10 a head after that with a max of 6 people. We will also add one extra photo per extra child. Since this is a one-time seasons shoot, it is non-refundable. Let me emphasis that is a HALLOWEEN COSTUME shoot, which means COSTUMES ARE REQUIRED. So, parents if you want to be in the shoot with your kids, you know what that means. Throw on your Batman cape, or Lady Gaga wig and rock it! And let’s face it—we all know you secretly love dressing up anyways. Here is your excuse. 

For this session, we will accept cash or check. The photos will be FULL RESOLUTION and will be available to download online the same week of the shoot. And you will have the copyright to get them printed. I recommend printing them at www.mpix.com.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part! We have the CUTEST set up for the photo shoot! I mean real, real cute. Just scroll down and see for yourself.

morgin and brandon's wedding fiesta // mesa, az

We started the day early at the Mesa, AZ temple. We wanted to get the Bride and Groom shots in before the heat really set in. It was a record breaking hot day. But for some reason, it didn't really feel "THAT" bad. I think everyone was just happy to be there and celebrate these two and their union. They both looked amazing and the temple grounds were really shining that day in the soft morning light. Then they went to their ceremony inside the temple. After the temple we got a huge group shot of the close friends and family there and we were off. The Wright House in Mesa hosted the luncheon and the reception. The reception was a huge fiesta with piñata, candy, dancing, fresh tacos and more. Such a fun twist to a reception and it made for a memorable night. So happy I got to be a part of all of these festivities with taking these photos and doing the floral decorations. It was honestly a blast. Weddings are just the best. Congrats to the Ryans!

London is 2 Years Old

Well, she is ALMOST two! And she is possibly the cutest she will ever be in her whole life. HAHA I know that sounds weird but there is something about a 2 year old and their tiny-ness. They only get bigger from here on out. But their personality is huge and London has an over abundance of that. My goodness, she is strong willed and crazy. But I love her so much. Here are a few shots I took of her to celebrate who she is right at this very moment. 

Morgin and Brandon // Engagement Portraits // Alta Utah

A few months ago, my friend Morgin decided to go on a little trip down to Rocky Point Mexico with some of her friends from Utah. She was a little bored at home in Arizona and thought, "Why Not?" Little did she know that these friends of hers were bringing along a guy names Brandon aka "Worm". He was also a little bored with his single life in Utah (no offense to the girl he was dating at the time). Down in Mexico they had a blast for a few days beach bumming and hanging out. Morgin and Brandon had some sweet moments and then the trip was over and they went home. They started calling and FaceTime -ing every night and things grew from there! What happens in Mexico doesn't have to stay in Mexico and their wedding will be a Fiesta to remember come August. Congrats you two! You are perfect for each other!

Brianne and Ryan Klopack // One Year Anniversary

It has been one year since Ryan and Brianne were married. I remember that hot June day. We had gone thru the ceremony the night before at the beautiful Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona. Ryan and Brianne were so ready for this day and wanted to jump right in to marriage and all that it entails. One year later they have learned more than they thought was possible. Marriage is hard work and a beautiful thing. And these two make it look REALLY good as you can tell. Love you guys! Keep being wonderful.